The Pageant Theatre


  • A very special in-person evening with musician RALPH WHITE and filmmaker BILL DANIEL! All seats $10 at the door
      Monday May 20
    • 7pm

    One of our foremost music instrumentalists and a true hidden American treasure, RALPH WHITE has taken the back roads in his inspired pursuit of the ancient roots of music.  The "folk/noise/avant-whatever genius" has made many strange travels as an itinerant musician and laborer.  Thus his intimate, nuanced musical language has slowly revealed itself, along a path that meanders from the apple orchards of British Columbia to the villages of Zimbabwe and Namibia, from the lonesome moors of Ireland to Australia, Brittany, Peru, Louisiana and beyond.  There is also the influence of White's hometown of Austin, Texas, a rich musical crossroads in and of itself. White was a member of well-loved punk bluegrass outfit Bad Livers, but his solo work is possessed of a much more lonesome spark. White plays wooden six-string banjo, violin, button accordion and kalimba in a singular blend of ancient rural folk music and original songwriting.

    Followed by a filmmaker-in-person screening of BILL DANIEL’S legendary WHO IS BOZO TEXINO?

    The subterranean and uniquely American folkloric practice of hobo and rail worker graffiti is explored in this gritty and picaresque artist-made film, uncovering a little-known and almost-extinct subculture. In both content and form, this rough-hewn, black-and-white film explores how storytelling and written graffiti practices express the yearnings of wanderlust, the ethical code of tramps, refusal and resignation to daily labor, and the creation of outsider identity. The film resonates with social misfit themes that have seen rich expression in American art and literature from Jack London to the Beats, through graffiti art and punk subculture. Shooting over 16 years on freight riding trips across the West, Daniel and his trusty Bolex 16mm camera interviews some of the last remaining old timers who have kept the folk art of “monikers” alive. Bill will be on hand to present his film and tell stories with copies of his classic zines for sale.

    Thursday May 20 --- doors 6:30pm / music 7pm followed by film