The Pageant Theatre


James D. Cooper

  • 117 minutes
  • 2015

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    Friday May 22
  • 7pm
  • Saturday and Sunday May 23 - 24
  • 2pm, 4:30pm and 7pm
  • Monday - Thursday May 25 - 28
  • 7pm

LAMBERT AND STAMP tells the remarkable story of Chris Stamp and Kit Lambert, aspiring New Wave filmmakers from opposite sides of the tracks who set out to find a subject for their underground movie, leading them to discover, mentor and manage the iconic band that would become known as THE WHO. This complex and moving relationship, a combination of the deeply tragic and brilliantly comedic, fueled the band's artistic development and left an indelible imprint on its time and generations to come. A definitive screen bio of THE WHO's operatic rise and a rare truthful and beautiful film about the rock 'n' roll life with enough archival footage and music to make you feel as if you were there.


George Miller

  • 93 minutes
  • 1979
  • The Late Show Presents
  • Saturday May 23 One Night Only!
  • Live Music 10:30pm / Film 11pm
  • Bar (21+) catered by KZFR

Forget the new big budget, bloated, computer driven remake at the mall, THE LATE SHOW at the Pageant Theater presents the real deal, the original 1979 drive-in classic MAD MAX! Join us before the film for Live Music and Bar (21 and older) catered by KZFR!

This stunning, post-apocalyptic action thriller from director George Miller is set in a dystopian near-future where the lengthy, desolate stretches of highway in the Australian outback have become bloodstained battlegrounds. Mel Gibson is Max, a policeman who is tired of his job. Max has seen too many innocents and fellow officers murdered by the apocalypse's savage offspring, bestial marauding bikers for whom killing, rape, and looting is a way of life. He just wants to retire and spend time with his wife and child. But when his world is shattered by the gang led by the evil Toecutter, Max straps on his helmet and climbs into a souped-up, turbo-charged V8 machine to seek his bloody revenge.

With it’s 1970’s punk attitude and aesthetic asserting itself like a rabid alpha dog and rocketing forward like a fuel-injected suicide machine, MAD MAX rarely drops out of high gear and is one of the most audience involving films of all time. It's a movie of eccentric characters, imaginative camerawork, insane action scenes and unique production design, with nary a wasted moment - every scene and moment builds to a cohesive whole. The result is pure dynamite, a feature that still has the power to generate a rare kind of thrill all these years on.

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